Trust Medway Curriculum Leader Meeting

Curriculum Leaders meeting

On Tuesday 27th September all the Curriculum Leaders based in Medway met for the first time at the new Quaterdeck at The Victory Academy for the formal launch of the 9-1 project.

The session was introduced by Stuart Gardner, our CEO, and led by Janina Villalta, Vice-Principal at The Victory. The aim of the meeting was to establish direct contact between the leaders of all curriculum areas to take forward a Trust wide project – meeting the challenge of 9-1.

We were really pleased to see everyone embracing a collegiate approach and seeing that everyone had something to learn from each other. The use of Bluesky was also brought to the fore with staff using this as the main platform for sharing ideas, comments and resources.

We would like to thank everyone for coming to this event and Ross McLellan for his presentation of the pilot work he had done in Science.