Thinking Schools Academy Trust Gets Green Light for New All-Through School

Executives - Appointments Confirmed

The Maritime Academy will mean Medway children can benefit from the Thinking School education model from age four to 19.

Education Secretary Justine Greening has given the go-ahead to The Maritime Academy, a new school in Medway that will build on the success of the education model pioneered by our Trust.

The free school will admit students from Reception to Year 13, bridging the gaps between primary, secondary and sixth form education, and helping students make the transitions successfully.

The Maritime Academy will be part of the growing TSAT family of schools, which share a common mission to nurture successful children who are confident and can think and act independently.

The Academy will also help address the increasing demand for high-quality primary and secondary places in both Medway and Kent.

Scheduled for opening in September 2019 pending confirmation of the site in Strood, the proposal to open The Maritime Academy received endorsement from Medway Council and the Regional Schools Commissioner, amongst others.

Students will have the opportunity to join a dedicated grammar stream supported by TSAT’s grammar schools, while retaining an inclusive, non-selective environment. This feature has been designed to build on TSAT’s proven track record of offering a collaborative education. This includes Holcombe Grammar School, which has supported the continuing improvement of the non-selective The Victory Academy since it joined TSAT.


Stuart Gardner, Chief Executive of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, said:

“We are delighted to receive the official seal of approval for The Maritime Academy, for which there is a groundswell of support in Medway. We have been working hard with our staff and partners ahead of the scheduled opening of the school, which will be a significant milestone adding to our established offer in the area.

“We are extraordinarily proud of our track record in delivering primary and secondary education of the highest quality for children in Medway, and very much look forward to the next chapter.”


Peter Martin, Chair of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, said:

“Approval for The Maritime Academy is testament to the success of our Trust’s model of education, which teaches our students to think independently, strive for personal excellence, and grow into confident adults equipped to realise their full potential.

“Our innovative model of an all-through school with a grammar stream is designed to cater to the particular strengths of all pupils, while retaining an inclusive approach to education supported by our other selective and comprehensive schools. We are looking forward to opening the doors of The Maritime Academy to its first students.”

TSAT sponsors 11 high-performing schools based in two hubs in Medway and Portsmouth, and offers a mutually supportive approach to education, which sees the Trust’s primary, high, grammar, and comprehensive schools work together to share resources and improve the life chances of all its children. The trust’s ethos centres on the Thinking School model, an innovative cognitive teaching method accredited by Exeter University and empowering children by helping them better understand how their minds work.

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