Headteacher Sets Out His Vision for All Faiths Children’s Academy

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The new headteacher of All Faiths Children’s Academy has set out his vision for the school, and how it will achieve strong results across the board.

Cormac Murphy, who took over at the school in Rochester earlier this year, said he had drawn up a plan to drive improvements and build on existing strengths.


Mr Murphy said:

“Since becoming Acting Head Teacher at All Faiths, and subsequently taking on the position permanently earlier this year, I have been delighted to work closely with parents, teachers, and our Trust’s senior leaders to identify areas where the school is already performing well and those where we still have room for improvement. I am so proud to lead a school where the whole school community works together to transform life chances for all our pupils. We are a friendly, caring, and happy school with high expectations for all of our pupils, and are proud to nurture successful children who are confident and can think and act independently.”


Mr Murphy said that identifying areas of improvement and putting in place a detailed action plan for raising standards and attainment was already having a positive impact, as highlighted in an Ofsted report published this week. The report rates the effectiveness of the school’s leadership and management, its early years provision, and students’ personal development, behaviour and welfare as Good, and overall says the school is in the Requires Improvement category.


The report says:

  • “Pupils are well cared for. There is a culture of safeguarding that permeates every level of school life.”
  • The headteacher is “passionately committed to driving the school forward” and “has united the staff and parents behind him in his determination.”
  • The changes to assessment, curriculum and leadership introduced by the headteacher “are beginning to improve standards across the school.”
  • “Leaders are doing the right things in the right order and as a result the school is improving.”
  • “The revised curriculum engages and excites pupils. They enjoy their learning.”
  • “Children get off to a good start in the early years and make good progress from their starting points.”
  • Governors have “have taken swift and decisive action to secure the support the school needs.”
  • Leaders at all levels “have benefited from the effective support provided by the trust.”
  • “Parents are supportive of the school,” and “Staff at all levels build positive and productive relationships with families.”


Mr Murphy added, in terms of his plans to improve the school:

“Ever since becoming Acting Head Teacher and then taking on the role permanently earlier this year, I have made it my top priority to raise educational standards at All Faiths. I have worked closely with governors and TSAT’s leadership to put in place detailed plans for making improvements.

“These include substantial improvements to curriculum and assessments, as well as additional measures such as regular assemblies to develop our ethos as a ‘thinking school’, and pupils and staff taking part in the ‘thinking drive team’ to share ideas on how to develop thinking, and parent events and workshops.

“We are delighted that inspectors have found that the school is already improving as a result of the measures we are taking, and I am excited at the prospect of all the positive changes we can continue to achieve for the school by working with parents, teachers, and the wider Trust.”