Thinking Schools Academy Trust Ranked Best in Country for Secondary Performance

Thinking Schools Academy Trust Ranked Best in Country for Secondary Performance

Thinking Schools Academy Trust tops DfE rankings in headline measure.  Ranked the best multi-academy trust (MAT) in the country for the performance of its secondary schools.

Students at TSAT secondary schools improved their GCSE grades by more than two-thirds of a grade on average at the end of secondary school – the best progress in the country. The next best trust improved their GCSE grades by just over half a grade. This places TSAT in first place in the performance tables published today by the Department for Education (DfE), under its headline measure of Progress 8.

The four secondary schools are in Medway and Portsmouth – and all achieved brilliant GCSE results. Today’s tables take into account the performance of the three schools which have been been sponsored by TSAT for three or more years:

  • In Portsmouth, The Portsmouth Academy (TPA) also has a compelling success story to tell. It was the second highest performing school across Hampshire and Portsmouth local authorities – a brilliant turnaround from 2013, when TSAT took it on after it fell into Special Measures. It was also recently judged as Good with Outstanding leadership and management by Ofsted.
  • Similarly impressive were the results of Rochester Grammar School (RGS) and Holcombe Grammar School (HGS), both in Medway – with 100% of RGS students achieving the pass grade of 4 or above in both English and maths, and 96% of students at HGS doing the same.

The Victory Academy in Chatham, TSAT’s fourth secondary, is rated the best high school in Medway, with the DfE recognising it as “above average” nationally. It adds more than a third of a GCSE grade per student per subject. Its success story continued when it received a ‘Good’ rating by Ofsted – only two years after it was taken on by TSAT while in a perilous financial position and underperforming academically, in a dramatic turnaround.

Progress 8 is the DfE’s headline measure and tracks how much progress secondary schools help their students make in eight subjects from the end of primary school to the completion of GCSEs, relative to students in schools of a similar ability.


Stuart Gardner, Chief Executive of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, said: 

“We work incredibly hard for all our students and are delighted that today’s Department for Education’s tables have borne out the world-class education we deliver every day. The rankings underline the outstanding progress our students make at our thriving schools, and I would like to thank all our principals and teachers for their expertise.

“We have always been firmly committed to giving each and every student the best opportunities to realise their potential, whatever their background, and today’s results are a milestone we are extremely proud of.”


Gwynn Bassan, Director of Secondary Education at the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, said:

“These results demonstrate just how powerful an impact our schools have on transforming life chances and enabling students to grow and thrive.

“Across all subjects, our teachers are focused on delivering the highest standards of education and giving every single child the chance to express their talents and flourish.

“These results are a great demonstration of the progress our students make, but we are not resting on our laurels and will strive every day to continue our success story.”