Students Launch Dr Seuss-Inspired Book at Cedar Children’s Academy

Students Launch Dr Seuss-Inspired Book at Cedar Children’s Academy

Students from Cedar Children’s Academy and The Victory Academy have collaborated to launch an exciting story book on thinking skills.  The book celebrates habits of mind at the heart of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust ethos.

“The 6 Seeds of Cedar”, which contains beautiful illustrations and written stories in the rhyming style of American author and poet Dr Seuss, was created by Year 5 students at Cedar Children’s Academy, having been mentored by their Year 10 colleagues from The Victory Academy.

Both schools are part of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, which promotes critical thinking and habits of mind as part of its innovative ‘Thinking School’ approach.

The “6 seeds” in the book represent six habits of mind which were carefully selected for students at Cedar Children’s Academy so they could become efficient and effective thinkers.

At the launch, staff and parents spoke with the students who had authored and illustrated the book, and students from The Victory Academy performed a dance they had choreographed based on Dr Seuss’ work. The choir at Cedar Children’s Academy then treated guests to songs about different habits of mind.

The Victory Academy’s important role in the book coincides with it becoming the Trust’s sixth school in the South-East to achieve the prestigious ‘Thinking School’ accreditation from Exeter University’s Cognitive Education Development Unit.


Carley Dawkins, Head of Creative Arts at The Victory Academy, said:

“We are so proud of our students for the creativity, hard work, and excitement for learning they have shown in the creation of ‘The 6 Seeds of Cedar’.

“It was absolutely wonderful to observe our Year 10 students helping and supporting younger students from Cedar Children’s Academy, guiding them in the development of their thinking skills.

“Working collaboratively across our Trust has allowed students and staff to share their great talents with one another, and we are very excited about working together on new projects in future.”


Grace Skelton, Assistant Headteacher at Cedar Children’s Academy, said:

“We completely underestimated the quality of the finished product our students would create, and we now have an amazing book of stories and characters that are meaningful to our school, and will help greatly in the development of habits of mind.

“Everyone here really appreciates the hard work and support that The Victory Academy have offered in helping our students to foster critical and creative skills.

“This has been an excellent Trust collaboration that has really benefited both schools involved, and we cannot wait to start using the characters and stories from the book in lessons.”