An Introduction to Our Trust and our CEOs Blog

An Introduction to Our Trust and our CEOs Blog

I would like to open this blog by wishing you all a very restful half term as we come to the close of Term 3. I cannot believe how quickly this academic year has already flown by, and all of the amazing achievements our staff and pupils have made.

I have decided to begin a CEO blog as an opportunity to give those within the Thinking Schools Academy Trust and also those external to us, a real insight into the challenges and successes we as a Trust face in today’s Education environment and the opportunity to join me on my journey as CEO as together we shape our success and that of the students in our care.

In this first blog I want to outline who we are, what we believe in and give a broad framework of our direction of travel in the next few years. Subsequent blogs will focus much more on life in our schools and reflections on the major issues in our education system.

Your preferences have prevented this content from being loaded. If you have recently changed your preferences, please try reloading the pageFor those who are not aware of Thinking Schools Academy Trust, we are a MAT based in the South-East of England comprised of 16 schools (17 when Meredith Infant School joins us on 1st March); infant, junior, primary, high school, grammar, co-ed and single sex. In essence, a true mix of schools. We educate 8,500 children on a daily basis across our Trust in Portsmouth and Kent and our schools share a common belief in cognitive education, aiming to actively shape the minds, attitudes and habits of young people through a framework of ‘Thinking Tools’ that enable individuals to become the master of their own destiny.

We believe in transforming the life chances of children because no child should have their lives defined by their material wealth, cultural experiences, race, or gender. All children in our society deserve to have a fair chance at life regardless of the circumstances of their birth.

At Thinking Schools Academy Trust we achieve our ambition of transforming life chances by supporting every member of our community to: Think about their Thinking; Be their Best and Shape their Success.

Our vision is underpinned by our core values of ‘Child First, Aspire, Challenge, Achieve.’

Earlier in my career, I would have had no idea I would be leading a trust of this size; with over 1,200 members of staff, but my pride and passion for my role and responsibilities as CEO cannot be overstated, a sentiment that I hope would be shared by those who know me!

Your preferences have prevented this content from being loaded. If you have recently changed your preferences, please try reloading the pageI first became CEO of Thinking Schools Academy Trust in the summer of 2016, having previously been the Executive Headteacher for Holcombe Grammar School and Victory Academy and then Director of Secondary schools for our Trust. During this time our Trust has achieved significant success: growing from 11 to 17 schools; improving KS2 outcomes; consistently in the top 10 performing MATs for KS4 progress; leading on the use of metacognition in schools making up 1/3 of all Thinking Schools accredited by Exeter University; successful applications to set up new Free Schools and some very positive Ofsted inspections at our schools.

Looking forward our overarching strategic aims are: to create and refine school structures and systems that best promote our core beliefs and values; for as many students, parents and staff as possible to benefit from our cognitive approach to education; to build a Trust connecting Portsmouth and Medway, with each hub in a position to deliver and receive support effectively and to achieve national and international recognition of the effectiveness of our approach to education that becomes a model for other schools and educators. To this end we are exploring the establishment of a new Thinking Foundation building on the work we are piloting in our Trust around the Thinking Mastery Programme.

I do hope you enjoy this blog as I continue to post and updating you all on our journey.