Breakfast Time at Isambard Brunel Junior School

Breakfast Time at Isambard Brunel Junior School

Children at Isambard Brunel Junior School enjoy a freshly toasted bagel every morning to set them up for the day.

The school were fortunate to secure funding through the National School Breakfast programme – Magic Breakfast, a registered charity who aim to ensure that no child is too hungry to learn. Hunger can effect concentration, causing children to struggle to keep up with their classmates in lessons.

The leadership team at Isambard Brunel Junior School jumped at the opportunity to offer this extra support to their pupils and through the scheme have been able to buy a freezer, catering toaster and everything necessary to run a ‘Grab and Go Bagel Bar’. Every Monday the school receives enough bagels to feed every child in the school for the week.

During SAT’s week this year, the school has been able to give extra bagels to the Year 6 students, giving them that extra fuel for their exams whilst providing them with a relaxing start to their day.


Lucy Carroll, Headteacher at Isambard Brunel Junior School, said:

 “Breakfast is such an important time of the day for our children and it has created a feeling in the school that we care for the whole child as well as ensuring they are in the best possible place for learning.”


Kim Broadbent, who is Office Manager at the school and oversees the Breakfast Scheme, said:

“The children are loving their new beginning to the day and it gives them a great start for a mornings learning. There is always a lovely smell of toasted bagels wafting through the corridors too.”