Words Inspire at Thinking Schools ‘World Book Day’

Words Inspire at Thinking Schools ‘World Book Day’

Pupils and staff at schools across the Thinking Schools Academy Trust have taken part in a variety of inspiring activities to mark World Book Day.

World Book Day, a charity event held annually in the United Kingdom and Ireland on the first Thursday in March, was an opportunity for schools throughout the nationally recognised high-performing Trust, to celebrate and take part in creative activities and indulge in a world of imagination and reality through printed words leading them on a journey of discovery.

From Kent to Portsmouth, pages were turning as pupils and teachers swapped books and shared stories, where staff read extracts from books that made them fall in love with reading.

Many schools’ pupils and staff dressed up as fictional and non-fictional characters, taking part in fancy dress competitions and parades.  Mr Still and Mr Claessens, teachers at Holcombe Grammar School, dressed in their Where’s Wally costumes to promote the Where’s Wally 10K charity run for the National Literacy Trust that they will be taking part in.  Cedar Children’s Academy and Meredith Infant School wore cosy pyjamas while reading bedtime stories, with Meredith pupils coming in after school to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while they listened and read.

All Faiths Children’s Academy held a ‘Read for Good’ sponsored readathon where during the day the bell rang four times and the whole schools stopped to read a book for 20 minutes.  Older pupils also buddied up to read to their younger peers.  Sponsorship money raised will help children in hospitals to gain access to books while 20 percent of the amount raised will provide new books for the school.

Evie, Rhea and Lexie, pupils at Meon Junior School, held a ‘Bring and Buy’ sale to raise money for their school library and were grateful for those who donated unwanted books.

Newbridge Junior School worked on a project where each class wrote a paragraph that followed on from previous paragraphs, with pupils having the opportunity to introduce twists and turns along the way. A magnificent story where nobody would know the outcome until the final paragraph was complete.  Many schools had lessons where pupils developed their writing skills by creating their own pieces of written work.

Activities included building themed displays, quizzes, bookmark creating, book cover and spine design competitions, and an extreme reading photo challenge where pupils took photos of themselves in unusual or exciting locations and a scavenger hunt in the library, looking for books with particular words in their titles.

The Portsmouth Academy had a Harry Potter themed day, with Hogwarts styled lessons.  English had Defense against the Dark Arts, Science got creative with potions and RE had Muggle studies to name a few.

Pupils received £1 World Book Day tokens to exchange for one of twelve special £1 World Book Day books or used as a discount voucher for a full priced book.

Thinking Schools Academy Trust is a family of 17 schools across the South East, with hubs in Kent, Medway and Portsmouth, whose cognitive approach to education has helped to drive improvement across all its schools.


Stuart Gardner, Chief Executive Officer, Thinking Schools Academy Trust, said:

“World Book Day presents a wonderful platform to demonstrate not only what takes place in our ‘Thinking Schools’, but also emphasises the importance of reading to developing writing and speaking skills and to inspire imagination.

It is so pleasing to see first-hand and hear of the many amazing activities that have taken place during World Book Day within our Trust.  These activities provide pupils with a wealth of experience that they will continue to use during the course of their education.

Thank you to the commitment and dedication of staff and pupils who go above and beyond to make these nationally recognised days memorable.”