Plymouth High School for Girls ‘excited’ to join the Thinking Schools family

Plymouth High School for Girls ‘excited’ to join the Thinking Schools family

Plymouth High School for Girls, or PHSG as it’s known, was founded to further encourage the growing popularity in the late 19th century to improve women’s rights and encourage girls to be ambitious in life.


PHSG are a long established and highly popular city selective school with determined and enthusiastic staff and students, and while many things have changed since their opening in 1874, their school motto, ‘non scholae sed vitae discimusn – meaning ‘For life, not school, we learn’, is as important and relevant today as it was in the 19th Century.


Stuart Gardner, TSAT’s CEO, said: We are thrilled to welcome PHSG to the Thinking Schools family.

Their motto ‘For Life, Not School, We Learn’ is very much on brand for our trust as we are unique in ensuring that our students leave school fully equipped with the tools they need to reflect on the knowledge learned in life.

We are really looking forward to working even more closely with them as they become an incredible part of our Trust, with a successful future ahead.

And it is these values along with PHSG‘s commitment to create a positive environment, where everyone feels valued for who they are, that give us the confidence that they will be a perfect fit for the Thinking Schools family.  


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The school is led by Headteacher Simon Underdown, Simon joined PHSG in September 2019 from Torbay’s Churston Ferrers Grammar School, a teacher for over 25 years having served in six different schools.  Simon has been a senior leader since 2008 and is determined to ensure that his students have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience at school, he is supported by five staff; who all make up his Senior Leadership Team.


We are excited to start working fully with PHSG from February, some of the immediate projects we will be embarking on with the school including a large investment in their IT Infrastructure, developing and promoting their catering offering and helping the school to become the first accredited Thinking School in Plymouth. 


It is an extremely hopeful time for the Trust as we branch out in to the West of the Country and we look forward to you all joining us in welcoming Plymouth High School for Girls.