Thinking, Teaching and Learning (TTL)

Thinking, Teaching and Learning (TTL)

We are so excited to launch our new section of the website where we will share our
research along with your thinking, teaching and learning innovations.

Thinking, Teaching and Learning

Our philosophy for Thinking, Teaching and Learning (TTL) centres around ‘transforming life chances’. We aspire to enhance the learning of all pupils to equip them for life outside of school. As professionals, we are among the most powerful influencers to ultimately impact the pupil’s relationship to learning in all areas of life, influencing how they engage with new ideas and attitudes. It is our aim to support pupils to think for themselves, through developing a thorough understanding of purposeful thinking tools to aid and monitor their own progress.

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We also aim for staff to feel encouraged to think accurately and reflectively about their practice, and to understand a range of thinking tools that can be used to support student motivation and progress. Central to our Teaching and Learning philosophy are the Core 7 principles that underpin highly effective teaching and learning in our Trust (based on Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction, 2010) which form the basis of our lesson planning. Team TTL will continue to support schools with this agenda and look forward to sharing best practice at regular intervals throughout the year.

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To build student confidence, stamina and a sense of motivation, we need to consolidate and build on past learning in order to reduce gaps and help students know and do more.

Here are a few exciting strategies and ideas that some of our schools are using to help students learn and remember.

Meet our Trust’s new Lead for TTL

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Laura Gladstone is our Trust Lead for Thinking, Teaching and Learning (TTL). Laura is a valued team member at The Victory Academy, and more recently at Holcombe Grammar School, as Head of School and Senior Leader for Teaching, Learning and Assessment; CPD; ITT/NQT and Senior Leader for Literacy. A Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching, Laura is an avid researcher and a passionate advocate for metacognition and metamemory.

“I am delighted to be taking on the role of Trust Lead for Thinking, Teaching and Learning. I am passionate about making sure that metacognition and high quality, evidence-informed practice is at the heart of our teaching.”