Black History Month 2021 Art Competition: Winners Announced!

Black History Month 2021 Art Competition: Winners Announced!

For the second year running, Thinking Schools Academy Trust implored students to celebrate Black History and Culture with a Black History Month Art Competition.

The theme this year was “Proud To Be” and encouraged students to consider and share what they are Proud To Be. As they so often do, our exceptionally talented students explored this powerful and important message with incredible poise and we are deeply proud of everyone who participated in this year’s competition.

We had a fantastic response to the competition, having received over 150 entries from students and classes across the Trust.

Our hand-selected Judging Panel took the time to rate the submissions based on Creativity and Interpretation,  Aesthetic, and Emotion.

We are immensely proud as a Trust to bear witness to the consideration, thoughtfulness and respect our students have for themselves and each other, channeled through such a variety of creative compositions. Students can be proud of the work they created and should always remember this journey they undertook to think, understand and celebrate who they are Proud To Be.

A warm thank you to all who participated in this year’s competition, and congratulations once more to this year’s six winners; you will be contacted directly regarding your prize!



I made this piece to symbolise the history to BHM and LGBT communities.

A finely painted work of art, judges were impressed by the thought-provoking piece, stating: ‘combining the ideas of race and the LGBTQ+ community is one which is very important and not always explored. Well done.’



A striking display with strong, vibrant colours to help celebrate heritage, judges noted: ‘I really love the way that this is displayed. It is bold, it is bright, it has a strong, black female face on it and also has a clear message that black history is world history.’


Something I am Proud To Be is black and African. So, I have decided to draw both Martin Luther King Jr and Mohammed Ali as characters that inspire me. I drew Mohammed Ali because although he faced hardships during his sport career where most people prayed for his downfall, he still persevered and later on became the first fighter to win the world heavy weight championship three separate times. As an athlete, he shows that determination and hard work can lead to success. I also drew Martin Luther king Jr because he shows that no matter your race, anything is possible and I can keep on hoping and dreaming. one of my favourite speeches was ‘I have a dream’ which spoke about void of segregation and racism

A deftly drawn piece, Eninla’s ability and attention to detail saw them as deserved winners amongst the judges, who noted ‘It is an extremely realistic drawing, this student has a real talent. Combining 2 powerful influencers in a great composition.’ 





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Proud To Be: Me | Lily, Cedar Children’s Academy

The reason I have chosen this piece as my representative is because it shows that no matter who you are; you can be proud. The other reason is that no matter what you look like or whatever colour skin you have you can achieve the same amount of credibility and achievements.

A worthy entrant in our top 3, this hand-drawn composition impressed our judges who commented: ‘A lovely work of art which uses several complimentary techniques as well as an eye for detail to create this well-rounded, well-executed entry. Well done.’ 



I am Proud To Be Me. I can relate with someone courageous like Rosa Parks. She represented people of colour and what they stand for. As Rosa Parks and others stood for the Past history, my friends and I stand for Modern history. This is my inspiration for Black History month.

An incredibly self-reflective collection, combining both the power of word and imagery to great effect. Our judges agreed, stating:  “The acrostic and poem/writing support the emotions and meaning of the portrait painting of Rosa Parks. The contrasting use of multiple colours with the expressive portrait painting with details of features, glasses and patterns is very effective. This piece ultimately is very charming and creative.”





I chose to draw Rosa Parks because she was proud to be herself and it is a great example to everyone in the world. She always stood up for what was right. There were so many reasons I chose Rosa Parks but the two main ones were she didn’t think to stand down and she was a very proud woman. She never let people mistreat her because of the colour of her skin; black people have the same rights as white people! She was proud to be herself and never backed down even when thrown into jail.

A deserving winner from our Primary school entrants, Lizzie’s multi-coloured approach complimented with words of inspiration wowed the judges, who had this to say: ‘An incredibly emotive piece and fitting tribute to an inspiring woman. The sense of pride and celebration of self in this work is effervescent. This talented entrant can be very proud of the composition they have created.’ 


All entries in this year’s Black History Month Art Competition: