Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

As the world deals with the Coronavirus pandemic, we must all contribute to the fight against it. For most of us this means strict social distancing and staying at home but as we plan for the return to school, we want to reassure you that the health & safety and wellbeing of our students and staff is our top priority.

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If your child is returning to school, then please make sure everyone is aware of the following:


If your child or anyone in their household has or is showing symptoms of Coronavirus such as:

A new continuous cough

A fever

A loss of or change their normal sense of taste or smell (Anosmia)

Please do not bring your child to school and follow Government guidance for households with possible Coronavirus infection.


Wash your hands & use a tissue.

Remember to wash your hands as regularly as possible with hot water and soap. If your child is young, please practice this at home before returning to school. There will be plenty of opportunity to wash your hands throughout the day. Where hand sanitiser is available — please note that this is used at your own discretion and you should check for allergies before allowing your child to use this.

Remember to catch your sneezes in a tissue. Tissues are available in every classroom and should be thrown away after use.


It’s nice to see you, but please keep your social distance.

Very simply ‘social distancing’ means staying away from other people in order to avoid catching or spreading a virus. We all need to minimise any unnecessary contact with those we do not live with us.

In school please be conscious of how much contact and space you are giving people in playgrounds, corridors, the classroom and at the school gates. Remember to stay within your designated bubble.

Classes have been laid out in a specific way to maximise safe spacing so please do not move your tables without asking your teacher first.


Keeping it clean.

Ensuring that our schools are kept clean is a key part of our plan. The cleaning team will be working throughout the day, around the school time timetable, to proactively clean areas before and after classes have used them.


All Schools’ Risk Assessments

Central Risk Assessments 

Introduction of Lateral Flow Kits (LFK): Addendum Primary

Addendum Risk Assessment


Useful Wellbeing Resources.

Take a look at some of our chosen free resources:




These are the risk assessments for return to school in September 2021. These risk assessments are reviewed by the schools every week and additional control measures are added, but we do not upload these changed risk assessments to the central website.