Students from Gordon Schools Federation

At the heart of TSAT is the belief that the work that we do must transform the life chances of students.

We believe that the best way to transform life chances is to actively shape the minds, attitudes and habits of young people through a framework of cognitive education that enables them to become the master of their own destiny.

This framework of cognitive education is constructed through the use of the Thinking School approach. Research from organisations such as the Sutton Trust has repeatedly demonstrated that when children understand how their brains work they achieve better academic and personal outcomes than those who do not. This is known as meta-cognition.

“We are what we habitually do” (Aristotle), to transform life chances we have to transform habits.

The ultimate goal is that every individual, child or adult, in the organisation consciously recognises their own habits, strengths and areas for development and actively seeks to improve themselves thereby creating transformational change in each individual.

Transforming life chances by …

  • Providing an educational framework that promotes the development of effective habits and cognitive structures.
  • Challenging everyone to aspire to and strive for personal excellence.
  • Enabling each individual to realise their potential and become the master of their own destiny.