Thinking Solutions for Education

Thinking Solutions for Education

Through the success of services provided to schools within The Thinking Schools Academy Trust, the decision was made to provide the same excellent service to the education sector.

Thinking Solutions for Education (TSfE) was founded during July 2018 to provide six high-quality services to other education providers.

As education providers, TSfE are committed to putting students first.  Through accessing the innovative and high-quality services provided by TSfE, smaller providers will gain more time and resources to prioritise educational excellence.

TSfE achieves this by:

  • Providing strategic support on decisions, ensuring improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of a small MAT or single school are achieved
  • Developing structures and systems to enable all schools to benefit from economies of scale irrespective of their size
  • Delivering a customer-focused service that means the school will be the most important part of the relationship

Thinking Solutions for Education (TSfE) is a subsidiary company of The Thinking Schools Academy Trust.

Visit the Thinking Solutions for Education website to find out more about its services