Isambard Brunel Junior School Closed

Students at Isambard Brunel Junior School


Isambard Brunel Junior School is located in the North End area of the city of Portsmouth. It is housed in a Victorian school built over one hundred years ago. We share a site with Meredith Infant School and the majority of our intake comes from them. Most children go on to attend Mayfield Secondary School, City of Portsmouth Girls’ School or City of Portsmouth Boys’ School.

We believe in challenging all children no matter their level. Some children have a strength in a subject such as maths or English. Others may be talented artists, musicians or excel in a sport. We aim to give chances for these gifted and talented children to push themselves even further. These may be in the classroom where the teacher sets them a special challenge, in one of the events run by the city council or an after school club.

Academy Details

Director of Education: Miss. N. Sheppard

Headteacher: Mrs. L. Carroll


Isambard Brunel Junior School,
Wymering Road,

Telephone: +44 2392 663 444