Fees and finance

Fees and finance

Secondary Teacher Training

You have a wide range of options to support you whilst you train to be a teacher. Depending on the subject you want to teach, you could receive a generous bursary or scholarship. Alternatively, you could earn a salary while you train on the School Direct salaried programme. Once qualified, you will earn a competitive starting salary and have excellent opportunities for pay rises.

On the School Direct salaried route, trainees are employed as an unqualified teacher and paid a salary by the school in which they train, in-line with the unqualified teacher pay scale. Trainees do not need to pay fees to cover the cost of the programme and they are not eligible for a training bursary.

SCITT Core courses are funded through tuition fees. The course tuition fees can be paid in the following ways:

  • Independently via private finance
  • Tuition fee loans: loans may be available (subject to eligibility) to cover the course costs. Applications can also be made for a Maintenance Loan to help towards living costs.  Trainees can apply for a loan even if they already have one; taking out a further loan for teacher training will not affect monthly repayments.  Loans are determined by the Student Loans Company.  Please click here for further information.
  • Tax free bursaries or scholarships:High demand secondary subjects attract a bursary or scholarship which trainees can apply for.  Availability is dependent on the highest relevant academic award and the ITT subject. To receive a bursary or scholarship, trainees must be entitled to support under the Student Finance England criteria as either a home or EU student.  Applicants with a degree from outside the UK will need to check their eligibility for a bursary.  Get into Teaching will also provide guidance on equivalent qualifications.  Trainees can apply for a Student Loan as well as a bursary.  Bursary payments are made from the end of October for 10 consecutive months over the duration of the course.   If your degree is not Honours standard or equivalent, you will not be eligible for a bursary. 

The table below provides information on standard bursaries for 2020-21; candidates who meet the criteria are automatically eligible. Please see the DfE website on bursaries and funding for more information: https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk/funding-my-teacher-training/bursaries-and-scholarships-for-teacher-training

Postgraduate bursaries and scholarships

Subject Scholarship Bursary (Trainee with 1st, 2:1, 2:2, PhD or Master’s
Chemistry, computing, languages, mathematics and physics £28,000 £26,000
Biology and Classics No scholarship available £26,000
Geography £17,000 £15,000
Design and Technology No scholarship available £15,000
English No scholarship available £12,000
Art and design, business studies, history, music and religious education No scholarship available £9,000


Graduates with a 2:1 and above can apply for a scholarship with the appropriate professional body. As well as the financial award, scholars will receive a package of additional benefits provided by the professional bodies.

Trainees with a 2:2 may be awarded a scholarship in exceptional circumstances, if they have significant relevant experience.

Trainees awarded a scholarship cannot also receive a bursary. Trainees who are not awarded a scholarship may be eligible for a bursary, if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Please click here for further information on scholarships.

Early-career payments: chemistry, languages, mathematics and physics only

Chemistry, languages, mathematics and physics trainees will receive 3 additional early-career payments of £2,000 each (or £3,000 each if teaching in specified areas of England) in their second, third and fourth year of teaching, if they have taught in a state-funded school in England since completing their teacher training course. These amounts are after tax, so teachers will receive the full amount as stated.

For more information, please read the early-career payments guidance.

Primary Teacher Training

Trainees on the School Direct salaried route will be employed as an unqualifed teacher and paid a salary by the school in which they train, in line with the unqualifed teacher pay ranges. Trainees will not need to pay fees to cover the cost of the programme but if taking the PGCE option; trainees will be responsible for the £2,000 fees.

There are no bursaries available for primary trainee teachers.

To find out more about bursaries and funding: https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk/funding-and-salary/overview

To find out about teachers’ salaries: https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk/funding-and-salary/teacher-salaries

To apply for a student loan: https://www.gov.uk/apply-online-for-student-finance