#WeAreOne: LGBTQ+ History Month

Be You Event Pictures - February 2024

Celebrating LGBTQ+ History

Themed Menus

Chartwells and Thinking Food will be hosting a themed menu on Thursday 22nd February. 
A colourful spread of fruits, juices, desserts and main courses will be served to reflect LGBTQ+ Pride and the theme of letting our colours shine. 

Social Media

Expect an extra-virbant splash of colour on our social media platforms this month!
We will be busy across school and Trust pages sharing pictures, testimonials and other engaging content as we celebrate LGBTQ+ History.

Staff Focus

We want to make our #WeAreOne event something everyone can be involved in, from pupils to teachers and support staff across the Trust. Throughout LGBTQ+ History Month, we're encouraging staff to take part in a lunchtime discussion to identify the key LGBTQIA+ terms and their definitions, as well as holding celebrations and reminders about the importance of diversity and inclusion.