Investing in our People

How we prioritise our staff

Professional Development

We acknowledge each of people are on their own individual journeys and value the importance proffessional development has for our people's career aspirations and satisfaction. 

Our in-house CPD provision, Thinking Horizons, offers holistic support to enable our staff to reach the next step in their career.

Staff wellbeing

We believe we have a duty of care for out staff, ensuring they have the right support framework so they can be their best self. 

At the Thinking Schools Academy Trust we provide a 24/7 employee assistance programme which provides counselling and support / advice on a wide array of areas. 

Celebrating success

As an education Trust, the work we do has a transformative impact on the lives of young people. Such important work should not go unrewarded; here at TSAT we launched our 'TSTARS' recognition and reward scheme that includes seasonal rewards for our people going above and beyond.