Black History Month #WeAreOne Event

How we are marking BHM 2023

Art Competition

Our annual art competition is back!

This year, we’re encouraging schools to send all types of art for their competition entry. From a poem to a piece of art, a musical piece to a drama performance, we cannot wait to see what your schools produce.

Further information about our competition can be seen below. 

Exploring Flavours

Working with our catering partners, some of our schools will be encouraging their students to explore the taste of Afro / Caribbean snacks and meals.

We will be sharing photos right here as they come in throughout the month. 

Social Media Celebrations

Across the Thinking Schools Academy Trust's social media platforms, we will be sharing pictures and more about how pupils from our schools and academies will be engaged in BHM 2023. 

Reviewing Trust and School Pledges

Last year, we wanted to make a change that will stick and to do this each school and the Trust penned a pledge and commitment towards an action to tackle discrimination and promote equality. This year, they will be reviewing the progress of how they're getting on to live by that pledge.  

Primary School Entries

Secondary School Entries

Exploring different flavours throughout Black History Month 2023

Take a look at our videos from of our pupils expressing what Black History Month means to them: