Celebrating Our Trust: September 2022, Edition 19 is out!

Welcome to the 19th edition of Our Trust!

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“Firstly, I am delighted to welcome several new schools to our Trust. Brixham College is a popular secondary school based in Torbay and is the third school in the South West to join our family of schools. We also opened our doors for the first time at our new Secondary Free School in Medway – The Maritime Academy. I was really pleased to see our vision of through education coming to the fore with many of the new Year 7’s having transitioned from our local Trust Primary schools. Finally, we also launched our new Penbridge School in Portsmouth which brought together Penhale Infant School and Newbridge Junior School.

This summer we returned to the familiar routines of formal public assessments and examinations and I think it is worth recognising how well our students responded to this challenge. Across our schools, students achieved some outstanding results from Year 6 to Year 13 enabling them to move successfully onto the next step of their life journey. These comments from our students sum up how the examinations went: “It’s incredible,” Emily said, “I’m most proud of my English results because I successfully revised.” “The teachers have been so supportive all the way through these difficult years,” Layla said.

Whilst achieving their personal best in academic qualifications is an important element of a child’s journey through school, it is only part of the growth and development required for them to reach their full potential. You only have to leaf through the pages of Our Trust to see our commitment to the holistic development of our students from the amazing whole Trust TSArTs project to Muddy Madness at Cedar. This year we will be starting to measure the impact of our Total Education offer so that we can continue to develop and enhance this provision for our students. Please enjoy this edition of Our Trust.”

Mr Stuart Gardner, CEO of The Thinking Schools Academy Trust