Gordon Children’s Academy maintains ‘Good’ school rating from Ofsted

Staff and pupils at The Gordon Children’s Academy are celebrating achieving a Good rating by Ofsted following its first inspection since the pandemic and welcoming all students back into school.

We are thrilled to to see the school have received a highly complimentary report by the Ofsted Inspector and maintained their Good rating for both Infant and Junior Schools.

Highlights from the report included praising staff for “continuing to refine the early years curriculum to ensure that every child gets the right foundations for the rest of their schooling”. The inspector commented that the school’s leaders are determined that every pupil makes a strong and confident start to their education, both in terms of academic success and their wider development. “Pupils know they must behave, and appreciate how leaders teach rules and routines to everyone.” Impressively, the inspector said, “the school has developed a ‘Thinking Inclusively’ curriculum, that children begin in Reception. Pupils learn about themselves and other, and their place in the wider world.”

Ofsted also commended the curriculum and attitude to learning at our school, stating “Leaders have spent valuable time in scrutinising the effectiveness of the school’s curriculum […] In re-designing the curriculum, leaders have carefully considered the needs of the children and recognise the importance of developing children’s language.” Learning in lessons was said to be calm and purposeful.

Throughout Gordon, there is a clear expectation for how children behave and conduct themselves. Pupils are always encouraged always to be their best selves. Ofsted commented that “[pupils] work together to live up to Gordon’s ‘Great Expectations’ which are underpinned by the school values of ambition, bravery, confidence, kindness and pride.”

The academy was praised for our provision for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), stating that they particularly benefit from the school’s broad and balanced curriculum. The inspector commented, “the SEND Coordinator ensures that children with identified or suspected SEND get the right support from the start. Families are carefully involved in any decisions-making for their children.”

The school’s safeguarding was deemed effective, and Ofsted were pleased with the regular and comprehensive training that staff receive which results in them being able to swiftly identify and report any concerns. The report also commended the school’s commitment to safety with their programmes for road safety, online activity and swimming and water safety.