Holcombe Grammar School student discusses being a part of Medway Youth Parliament

Oliver Tomlin, a Year 13 student from Holcombe Grammar School was recently interviewed by KM Group's local democracy reporter Robert Boddy, discussing his work with the Medway Youth Parliament, what the programme offers, and why young people should get involved.


"Medway has a very active youth council, where young people can dip their toe in the world of politics in a way that matters to them. It’s produced some future politicians, but also has influenced change in policy and priorities in relation to the Towns’ children and teenagers.

Our local democracy reporter went along to meet Medway’s youth parliament member, Oliver Tomlin, who’s been involved since he was 11, to find out what they do and why kids should get involved. 

If you’re not a particularly political person, it can be unclear how people make the move to get into politics.

Medway Youth Council offers entry into this world, giving young people the chance to understand issues, share their thoughts about the things they care about, and engage with the political process."


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