Holcombe Grammar becomes an Advanced Thinking School

We are ecstatic to announce that Holcombe Grammar School has been accredited as an Advanced Thinking School by the University of Exeter.

As part of the Trust, we take pride in our unique and effective approach to learning and education. We provide our students with the skillset and tools they need to think in a variety of ways and become lifelong learners. These transferable Thinking Tools prepare our children for a range of situations, dilemmas and circumstances that they may face later in life as part of modern society.

Thinking Schools @ Exeter leads the way in research in Metacognition, Thinking Skills, Creativity and Dialogue in Education – providing a structure for schools to become recognised Thinking Schools. Holcombe Grammar School started their Thinking Journey back in 2019, we they were awarded Level 1, Thinking School status. In order to achieve Level 2 Thinking accreditation to become an Advanced Thinking School, the school was assessed on; Dissemination of Practice, Evaluative Research, Professional Development, Differentiation, and Whole School Assessment. These areas identify the school’s continued work to support lifelong learning and holistic growth for all students, no matter their starting points.

The school has fully embedded Thinking Skills into the school’s teaching, assessment, evaluation, and staff development which was recognised throughout the school’s review, as the University of Exeter documented, “Thinking Skills are fully embedded in the culture of the school such that Holcombe is a collaborative educational community. The dissemination of best practice across the school and beyond positions [the school] as a beacon of metacognitive excellence where best practice is nurtured so that children develop as holistic lifelong learners. The focus on the professional growth of staff is exceptional.”

The report from Thinking Schools @ Exeter praised the school for its high aspiration and achievement for students stating “What sets Holcombe aside from many schools, is its emphasis on how this is achieved. […] the school seeks to make learning active by developing children as creative, adaptable, and resilient thinkers so that they become committed lifelong learners.”