Staff take centre stage to bring smiles and laughter to thousands of children

Children from across the Thinking Schools Academy Trust have been entertained by staff who recently performed in our Trust’s Got Talent contest… and the winners have been announced!

Soloists and group performers from across Plymouth, Portsmouth, Kent and Medway, have made everyone smile and laugh while being centre stage and in the spotlight.

The competition came as part of TSArTs week, our #WeAreOne event which brings everyone together from our schools to achieve our mission to transform life chances.

At the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, we believe we have a responsibility to build our young people’s cultural capital as much as possible: this means offering opportunities for our young people to explore culture in its various forms… which includes being entertained by our staff’s talent show!

Congratulations to staff at Plymouth High School for Girls, who were voted as winners by our student judges.

One said: “As someone who loves musicals and singing, I thought the harmonies in this performance were fantastic, and they didn’t waver or break at any point.”

In second place, the Executive Team gave their take on Disney Frozen’s Let It Go, but changed the lyrics to “Let me think” to align with the Thinking Schools Academy Trust’s philosophy, and use of Thinking Tools in our teaching.

An amused student judge said: “It was really entertaining and they had to change the lyrics and their acting was good and so was their singing.”

As for third place, well done to the soloist at The Portsmouth Academy who has been branded “A great singer” by the judging panel.

A fantastic effort from all staff who entered. Keep singing, dancing, performing and laughing!

Here’s to our next Trust’s Got Talent.