Thinking Schools Academy Trust Development Plan 2023-24

Transforming Life Chances

Our Trust now has 26 schools, supporting over 16,000 pupils across three regions. We are fortunate to have a wide range of schools in Our Trust, including all phases of education from Nursery to our 6th Form provision, this is a huge asset to our organisation as we grow our networks across all regions. We will employ over 2,000 staff in various roles.

As we move forward the Board have agreed to focus on the following four priorities:

  • To focus on a period of consolidation.
  • To ensure that a culture of staff wellbeing is at the heart of our people strategy.
  • To develop our use of data to inform decision making and intervention.
  • To look at a more systematic way of working across all layers of the Trust.

The plan is seperated into our Six Pillars of School Development, and shares with you some of the activities that will be led across Our Trust to promote these priorities.