Urban Street Artist works with Plympton Academy to raise awareness about equality

A prominent graffiti artist has engaged with students at Plympton Academy to create an art display that raises awareness about the importance of equality and stands against violence towards women.

Jess Campbell-Plover is an urban street artist and designer who lives in Plymouth. On March 8, International Women's Day, she worked with 18 students from Plympton's Sixth Form.

The art will be displayed in a central spot at the Academy and will become a permanent fixture and reminder about the importance of women’s rights and equality.

Mrs Turner, who teaches photography at Plympton, says art is an important way to raise awareness about women’s rights.

She said: "We really think it’s important that the students understand the issues that still exist around women. Unfortunately, there are still issues surrounding inequality, so it has been good to support and educate our students through awareness days and activities like this.

"Art is such an amazing creative outlet, and we want all students to experience a really wide variety. Working with an artist such as Jess Campbell-Plover one-to-one is inspiring, especially as she is someone who is local and from the South West. It’s quite difficult for our students to get out to see huge exhibitions or understand what life’s like to be an artist, so to have somebody come in and speak about their journey since leaving school is brilliant."