Shaping the Future of Education with TSAT: Inspiring Future Teachers

The Thinking Schools Academy Trust (TSAT) recognise the importance of in-school training and have meticulously developed partnerships with school, SCITTS, and leading universities across the south of England such the University of Portsmouth. We are proud to work with Inspiring Future Teachers as a new ITT partner.

This collaboration offers trainee teachers the dual advantage of acquiring both QTS and PGCE qualifications, setting them on a path to excellence from day one. 

Every year, a new generation of enthusiastic individuals embark on a mission to inspire, educate, and shape the minds of the future. These aspiring teachers often face the fundamental question: Where should I start my journey? The answer lies within the schools themselves, and at TSAT, we have crafted an experience that transforms trainee teachers not just into brilliant teachers but also inspiring role models that showcase the meaning of transforming life chances. 

Why are schools the perfect training ground? 

A common misconception is that theoretical knowledge learned in traditional educational routes is the only requirement for becoming an excellent teacher. While theory is important, the practical experience of managing a classroom, understanding student dynamics, and adapting to real-world teaching challenges is equally as important. Schools offer a live environment in which trainee teachers can integrate theory and refine their practice. This hands-on approach ensures that when trainee teachers are finally ready to step into their own classroom, they do so confidently and competently. 

Our promises to you 

Unwavering Support - At TSAT, every trainee teacher is backed by a team of skilled educators who are passionate about their field. These mentors provide high-quality support, ensuring that each trainee is equipped with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need. 

Employment Opportunities - The journey does not end with training. TSAT is deeply committed to its trainees, often offering them positions within their host schools. This seamless transition from training to employment ensures that the momentum gained during the training period is not lost.

Induction Programmes - Preparing trainee teachers for the challenges ahead is paramount. Our induction programme, with a special focus on Behaviour Management, offers trainees the opportunity to connect, share experiences, and learn vital skills that will stand them in good stead throughout their careers. 

Networking & Development - Being part of TSAT means being part of a vast network of schools. Trainees get the unique opportunity to share best practices, visit other schools, and learn from a diverse group of top-tier educators. 

Bring your skills life - We believe real-classroom experience, mentorship, continuous learning, and the right environment to hone one’s skills are exactly what every teacher needs. TSAT is shaping the future of education, one trainee teacher at a time. Join the journey and be a part of the mission to transform life chances.