An exciting time to be working for The Thinking Schools Academy Trust!

We recently welcomed new staff for induction day to learn more about our Trust and schools

Thinking Schools Academy Trust welcomed new staff to on our annual induction day to enjoy breakfast, networking, coffee, and an opportunity to learn all about our mission to transform life chances!

This year, on August 31st, inductions took place across our hubs in Devon, Portsmouth, Kent and Essex. We are thrilled our new teachers and support staff have chosen us as the place to positively impact the lives of our young people.

Presentations were held by  senior leaders across the Trust, including: Directors; Headteachers and Heads of Service. It was an opportunity to put names to faces, and familiarise new staff with our core values as a Trust, as well as the Thinking Toolkit that drives our cognitive approach to education. We feel it important, as a Trust, that new staff are able to acclimatise before we welcome students back so as to ensure their integration into our family of schools is as smooth and comfortable as possible. 

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